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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, january 18, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." here in studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. a crippled italian cruise liner shifted again, putting search efforts on hold while the fallout continues from the audio tapes between the captain and the coast guard. >> i'm gayle king. when i see you at 8:00, mayor cory booker will be with us. so will liam neeson and cuba gooding junior. we'll show you why pippa middleton is fighting back against the pap razz a. i'm erica hill. haley barbour tells us why he pardoned several murderers. why the feds are now saying no
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more python. first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world is 90 seconds. the captain of the crippled cruise liner is released but under house arrest. as dramatic audio surfaces. >> expected to given the all clear to start pumping fuel from the costa concordia. 23 people are sill missing. with the effective rate i've been paying, it's closer to the 15% rate than anything. >> the front-runner's taxes become the talk of the campaign trail. >> this will be the mitt romney flat tax. >> if i had to vote in north carolina, i would vote for newt. any would be better than obama. >> i don't want to bloody his nose. i want to knock him out.
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>> i'll let that one pass. the pacific northwest braces for a brutal winter storm. >> so much snow expected, seattle has set up a command post. >> ice cold, frozen. people sliding all over the place. pretty bad out there. >> by the looks of this, i may turn around and go back home. >> wikipedia's editors say the english language version will shut down for 24 hours. >> security at the white house now back to normal only hours after two smoke bombs were tossed over the fence. >> worried about giving my wife -- >> this is an television, this show. [ laughter ] >> all that matters. >> i cannot coordinate with you in any way. >> on "cbs this morning." >> no good. springs at the rebound. half court. full court shot. good! oh, my god! he hit it from the free-throw line on the other side!
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first thing this morning we go to italy where rescue efforts are on hold aboard the cruise ship that ran aground. we're getting i much clearer picture of the chaos that the ship's captain left behind. >> we're on the scene in giglio italy and he joins us this morning. allen, good morning. >> reporter: pulled over the water and the rescue operations suspended after sensors detected that the ship had shifted a few inches. the fear is that will slip off of the rock ledge on which it's ledged and plunge into the water. the ship's every movement is being registered by sensors but the urgency has gone out of the search operation. no one expects to find anyone elsa live aboard the largest cruise liner ever to have been wrecked. the captain was placed under house arrest pending charges of multiple manslaughter and abandoning his ship.
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recordings of the conversation between the coast guard and the liner's captain give a chilling insight into what was going on. the coast guard quickly realizes the captain abandoned his stricken vessel. get on board and report to me how many people there are the coast guard officer shouts, is that clear? after several more exchanges, schettino replies, captain please, there is no please about it. get back on board. assure me you're going back on board. even as passengers are st. stuck on ladders, the captain admits he's in a lifeboat already but insists he's coordinating the rescue much the officer of the coast guard is having none of it. get going he shouts. there are already corpses. 11 bodies have now been recovered from the ship he ran aground. the latest were four men and a woman found wearing their life jackets near an evacuation point near the stern of the ship. divers and other rescuers are concentrating on trying to reach the specific cab yins of the
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more than 20 passengers and crew still missing. there are miles of corridor on the decks. with the weather getting worse, preparations are being made to pump the 2.4,000 tons of oil tanks. it will take between two and four weeks under ideal conditions. >> equipment is already being brought to this crowded harbor to make sure that operation can begin as soon as authorities give the word. in the meantime, you may be able to see over my shoulder, they're putting in a containment barrier in case the oil leaks. >> thank you very much. we go to cbs news travel editor, peter greenberg. he's on a boat right now, his own in marina del rey, california. peter, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> when you look at this, tell me how you see the safety procedures that this crew understood. >> well, it goes on to something called solace. safety of life at sea.
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it's an international agreement signed by most cruise liners around the world. it deals with the materials in the construction of the ship, crew training, fire safety and passenger safety. in this situation based on the reports we're hearing from witnesses over there, there wasn't very much coordination among the crew. there could have been language difficulties and most importantly, they're focusing on the muster drill. under the rules, you're supposed to have that drill within 24 hours of leaving your first post. in the case of the costa concordia, there are only 40 miles out from sea, less than three hours when they hit that object. it would be my suggestion and i would bet on this, you're going to see a number of cruise lines not wait for the change and have the drills before the ship leaves the first port. >> there are rules and understanding about a captain's conduct and not leaving the ship. when you heard those tapes, you as a man who captained your own ship, what did you think? >> well, here's the interesting thing. in a situation like this, the normal procedure object for the
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costa concordia people to express con dole ens saying they're actively participating in the recovery effort. in this case they wasted no time in publicly blaming the captain. what that tells me is that they had incon troe veritable evidence on the part of the captain and are going to have criminal actions. with cases being filed in the united states. >> what about peter specifically as you listen to some of these tapes and the port authority saying to the captain, get back on board and he's basically saying i don't want to go. i mean, it just seems unimaginable that a captain ould do that. >> it is. i mean, i wasn't there. i wasn't in the water with him. i don't know how he got off that ship. once you do that, you're already in violation of what every captain knows. you stay on that ship until everybody else gets off. he's got two issues here. basically a criminal negligence issue about why he deviated course and then dereliction of duty because he left the ship early. >> peter thank very much.
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turning now to politics. in the gop presidential campaign. a just released cbs news new york times poll of republican primary voters across the united states shows mitt romney starting to pull away from the pack. the other candidates, though, are not giving up trying to trip up romney in south carolina as he reveals new information about his taxes. political correspondent jan crawford is in charleston, south carolina this morning. jan, good morning. >> good morning, erica. mitt romney spent most of the day responding to calls that he release those tax returns. like you said, he revealed that he pays a relatively low rate on his investment income. that's the same low rate that billionaire warren buffett pays. >> what's the effective rate i've been paying? closer to the 15% rate than anything. >> feeling foolish off a strong debate performance, newt gingrich didn't waste time jumping on the issue. to reinforce the idea that romney is out of touch with average americans. >> i think that we ought to
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rename our flat tax. we have asa% flat tax. this will be the mitt romney flat tax. everyone can pay the rate that romney pays. that's terrific. >> romney wasn't the only person in gingrich's line of fear. after months of conservative anguish about how to stop the gop front-runner, gingrich said he had a solution. the other candidates need to quit and back him. >> consolidating into a gingrich candidacy would in fact, virtually guarantee victory on saturday and i would be delighted if either perry or santorum want to do that. they have to make that decision. >> gingrich wasn't just hitting his republican rivals. listen to this exchange with a voter about president obama. >> what i've been looking for in my candidate is fire in the belly. we've got to bloody obama's nose. >> i don't wrant to bloody his nose. i want to knock him out. >> gingrich even got a boost from sarah palin who told south carolinians to vote for the
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former speaker. >> if i had to vote in south carolina in order to keep this thing going, i would vote for newt and i would want this to continue, more debates, more vetting of candidates. >> now, there's more good news for all these republican candidates in our latest poll. the poll shows that most americans continue to disapprove of the job that president obama is doing. only 47% approve. 45% disapprove. erica? >> jan, thanks. few people know more about gop politics than haley barbour. he used to be the republican national chairman. he also ran for president this year. governor barbour is in washington to talk about the presidential race and also the controversial last-minute pardons he made in mississippi last week. good morning, governor. >> good morning, charlie. thank you for having me. >> i want to talk about the pardons, but first politics. following up on jan crawford. how close is the race in south carolina according to what you know? >> well, first of all, charm i, you wouldn't think south carolina would be very good ground for romney and the recent
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polls that have shown romney ahead by fair margin, i think, were surprising to anybody that's been around a long time. however, you know, this is the week we'll see how that holds up. i think south carolina will be very close, very competitive. >> is it possible that governor perry may drop out and endorse someone else before saturday? >> golly, i would be rank speculation on my part. i have no information about that. >> there's also the question of governor romney finally at least announcing his tax rate but not releasing his tax returns. should he and should he release his tax returns before the vote on saturday? >> first of all, politicians, candidates shouldn't just do something because the press is trying to force them to. >> it's about the voters, not the press, governor, you know that. >> well, at some point he's going to have to release the information because as a candidate for federal office at some point you have to release stuff. what the timing of that is is
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really up to him. >> isn't that exactly the point. the people running against governor romney say they should do it before the vote is cast because it's a decisive vote on saturday? >> well, usually candidates don't say, well my opponents want me to do this so i'll do what they tell me. let me turn to other issues in that campaign. the republicans, are they shooting themselves in the foot because there's so much debate about capitalism and crony capitalism and bain capital? >> well, one thing i think is for sure, that the campaign has become more negative than a lot of republicans would like. at the end of the day, what republicans want is a new president, a republican president to beat president obama. and so you expect some negative, but i think this has gotten more negative than most people approve of. at the end of the day. obama campaign strategy will try to make the republican unacceptable and attack him and
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carpet bomb him with advertising in the spring and summer. so to the degree that this gets that started, frankly, it may not be harmful. but what we ought to see is more republican candidates talking about obama versus their own views rather than each other. >> if romney wins in south carolina, will the republican establishment and conservatives rally around him? >> if mitt romney is our nominee conservatives will rally around him. barack obama is the great uniter for republicans. whoever we nominate, i think you showed a clip of sarah palin saying any of them would be better than president obama. amen, that's what most republicans think. >> what she said is she's supporting -- if she was in south carolina would vote for newt gingrich. does that matter in south carolina? >> oh, i don't know. these candidates have gotten to be pretty well-known. they've worked real hard in
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south carolina. people are going to make up their own minds. the only endorsements that matter a lot are nikki haley, the governor. if jim demint were to strongly come out and push for somebody, i think that -- he's very, very popular in south carolina. >> governor, good morning. it's erica hill. we want to turn now to the pardons. i know you've been very clear. you're very comfortable with your decision. you do not have any concerns that some of the murderers are dangerous. however, when you talk to the families, the victims, randy walker was shot in the head by david gatlin. he said the governor himself should have to look me and the family in the eye and say, hey, i'm going to let this guy go. because of all this backlash, have you reached out to him or to the families of any other victims? >> you know, when i became governor, i made plain that i would follow the tradition of governors in mississippi, for decades, the mansion, part of the staff are trustees from the state penitentiary. in my time, all but one of them
7:15 am
have been murderers. because the experts say that those are the people who are the least likely to commit another crime and that they are the ones who will serve the best. i have found that to be the case. these people that have been -- that are at issue here, david gatlin, these guys served on average 20 years in the penitentiary. david gatlin, in 20 years, never had one citation for any infraction or violation of the rules. >> but in terms of the man he shot in the head and that man survived, have you reached out to him or other victim's families? >> only to give notice that these guys were being released. let me say, i understand, recognize and respect the fact that if you were injured by somebody or if your loved one was killed, that there may be vengeance, there may be fear, there may be all these things. but my state spends about $350 million on corrections every rehabilitation.
7:16 am
>> governor -- >> a lot of guys won't be rehabilitat rehabilitated. these have been. they've redeemed themselves. they deserve a second chance. i'm the only one that can give it to him. >> you would have made the same decision if you were running for president and it was got a political question? >> same thing -- four years ago i released and pardoned the prisoners who worked at the mansion. i made plain i would do it again. >> thank you, governor. hope you to see you on the campaign trail. the seattle area is known of course for rain. not, though for snow. an unusual snowstorm is brewing there. seattle's mayor told residents to stay off the roads. national correspondent ben tracy is watching the weather in olympia, washington. ben, good morning. >> good morning, erica. from the capital of washington state, this also may be the snow capital of the u.s. today. they're expecting about ten inches of snow today. it may not seem like a ton, but that's about half that they would get in an entire winter. up the road in seattle, they're
7:17 am
calling it a mega storm. you can see a winter's worth of snow in the next 24 hours. snow has been coming down across washington state for the past four days. from puget sound to the cascade mountains. an icy blast is blanketing the area. slick roads are making driving treacherous. >> all kinds of conditions. ice, cold, frozen. people sliding all over the place. >> snowplows not often seen here are working overtime all over the state. >> we handled about 160 collisions. that same time period last week we handled 14. >> according to the national weather service, the city of seattle is bracing for as much as 6 inches of snow. they normally average 8 inches for an entire winter. the city itself has very few snowplows and its drivers are not used to icy roads. back in november 2010, a crippling snowstorm paralyzed parts of the city. >> lookout! >> videos of vehicles slipping
7:18 am
and sliding all over town went viral online. >> city officials are taking this storm seriously. the emergency command center is already up and running. >> it takes time to remove a significant accumulation of snow. we're going to focus on priority routes. ones that the police and fire department need, ones that people need to get to the hospital. >> the snow is already falling in the seattle area. we have a live picture near seattle. the travel will be treacherous. a lot of people trying to plan commutes. because the roads will be icy and snow covered. they're expecting the worst of the snow to start falling anywhere between now and 4:00 this afternoon. we're expecting many, many inches of snow here in washington state. erica? >> ben, thank. it is 18 m
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extreme sports mean big excitement and it turns out big business. this morning, we'll see if the high flyers are paying too high a price for the rush and the danger. tomorrow, we'll talk in public and politics with one of the biggest stars of the gop, new jersey governor chris christie will be here. you're watching "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by green mountain coffee. a revelation in every cup. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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holds the line. puts it up. no good. spring with the rebound. half court. full court shoot. good! oh, my god! oh, my god! he hit -- >> a little segment for chase -- beat the buzzer with a 75-foot
7:25 am
shot as lindsey wilson college beats georgetown college. not bad. time to show you some of the headlines from around the globe. starting with the wisconsin state journal. organizers file more than one million signatures to recall walker. that means republican governor scott walker is almost certain to face a new election. from the los angeles times, obesity rates in u.s. appear to be finally leveling off. the latest numbers show only a tiny increase in obesity since 2005. >> the chicago tribune is headlining a protest by google, wikipedia and other major websites closing down for the day. they're protesting a proposed anti-piracy law that they believe would lead to censorship. paula deen, the southern cook known for high calorie recipes, she's had type two diabetes for three years but did not reveal it until yesterday. as she announced, she'll be the spokeswoman for a diabetes medication. it is a battle royale as pippa middleton has had it with the paparazzi.
7:26 am
she is now fighting back. we're live in london with the latest. you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is next. now, a very pretty day and it's also windy and colder feeling out there. kristy's on the commute. it's bernadette woods over in first warning weather. we'll start out with the gusty northwest winds. mainly, the snow showers are in the western part of the -- state. we're at 40 degrees. here are the winds bringing in the colder air. we're topping out at 45. temperatures are falling this afternoon. hi, everyone. we have a few accidents to update you on. we have one that we're watching. it's kathryn and westbound 100. also, liberty heights at gary
7:27 am
son and baltimore city. as far as the delays, northbound outer lupe, that's as you make your way to harford road and 20 minutes to baltimore national pike from liberty road. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. you can call for more information. it appears there's enough support for a bill to pass that could protect transgender people from discrimination. >> reporter: don, those that oppose the bill fear it could lead to sexual assaults, especially on women. the issue of transgender discrimination came into focus a year ago after this woman
7:28 am
used a woman's restroom. opponents are afraid that predators could disguise themselves to use women's rest rooms. >> howard county police are searching for the people responsible for this case of animal abuse. 40 animals were found and all but four were dead. the renters were involved in some sort of rescue group. they hadn't been seen in weeks. the mayor found someone breaking into her car. the officers arrested the man before he could take anything. a man stole a stereo from the mayor's husband's car a year ago. the baltimore sun is reporting that mayor stephanie rawlings-blake took back young's tickets that she had given him.
7:29 am
he criticized the city for possibly running another grand ,,,,,,,,
7:30 am
i know that a lot of you didn't have time to watch the whole debate and didn't have time to watch the nine minutes. here's a five second synopsis of the debate. all right. that's about it. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> we turn now to extreme sports which of course, seem to be all about the thrill. it's that rush of adrenaline an the daring athletes say that's what they live for. when things go wrong, however, they can pay a very heavy price. special correspondent jeff glor looks at a rash of devastating injuries in the world of extreme sports. good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. we noticed a few injuries happening in less than a week. extreme jumps and climbs, the
7:31 am
next feat typically trying to outdo the last with the resulting risk. humans aren't supposed to fly. but jeb corliss comes pretty close. his extreme exploits have a huge following. this video alone almost nine million views. but on monday, corliss was seriously injured on table mountain in cape town, south africa. that's him in the black fly suit. moments after he stepped off this cliff, a 3500-foot drop, he hit the wall. he broke both his legs and was medivaced to the hospital. only one day before that, another extreme athlete, ice climber john roberts, died after a 60-foot fall in colorado. last tuesday, free skier, sara burke was critically injured during a training run in utah. all of these athletes take risks, all of them at the leading edge of extreme sports. a one-time bit player on the scene that has exploded in recent years thanks in part to
7:32 am
social media and tv coverage. the birdman, even attracted the attention of "60 minutes" in 2010. >> how long have you been doing this? >> five years. >> what's special about the wing suits? >> you know, it's just like so many children dream, flying. >> you feel like you're flying? >> well i am flying. >> sponsorships have helped the athletes reach new heights. corliss has eight sponsors, including the camera company, go pro. >> what he does is really risky. but to him, it's actually not nearly as risky as you or i would think because he's good at it. >> corliss jumped without permission from the national parks department. it put him in danger and his rescuers at potential risk. one of the many reason why big brands shy away. >> a lot of big brands don't want to take that chance. spattered all over a logo.
7:33 am
sports marketers say athletes who are determined will find a way. >> they're trying to offset costs and take it to another level as a professional athlete. people think sponsors makes you a professional. >> professional sier and base jumper j.t. holmes knows how risky it can be. we're pleased to have him here. welcome. one more time what is it you get out of this. why do you do this? >> it's good clean fun, charlie. >> more than that, huh? is it the rush, the adrenaline, proving yourself? is it the challenge? >> we're like kids. parachute and skis are fun toys. >> you were tempted to do this? >> i would do it. if the proper safety procedures were in place and i've talked about this with j.t. i know that he's big on the safety awareness thing. i think one issue worth talking about here is, is the recognition that you're not putting yourself at risk but potentially others if something happens to you and they have to
7:34 am
save you or rescue you. they're putting themselves in danger too. >> there's a risk not just to yourself but to others if they have to come and take care of you. >> it's true. a reckless approach is certainly irresponsible. you can get stuck in precarious places and that's why you want to take every precaution to avoid doing that. >> do you ever think about death? because you have had friends die. >> certainly. every single jump, every single ski run, you just have to be aware of the consequences. if you're going to choose to put yourself in the perilous situations, you need to be prepared. >> is there anything that scares you? is there anything that would make you stop doing this? >> i am not sure. you know, we take it as it comes. >> where do you want to see the sport go? should it be regulated, get more attention, should it have sponsors? what should it be had. >> actually, i'm really anti-regulating things. but what i'd like to see is more of an awareness for the fundamentals and the basics
7:35 am
training. i've dedicated myself to a nonprofit organization, called high fives foundation and started a program called basics. >> when you talk to these guys and covered them, when you did this, what did you learn that you didn't know going into the piece? >> i think it is a thrill and i think it is trying to outdo what you did before. you were survivprised that jeb surprised. j.t. said -- you said in the 60 piece, you thought he wouldn't survive it and he did. >> that's true. jeb corliss is a lucky man. >> we talked about how this has grown now because of the internet. everybody can see it. nine million views on that one video, jeff. you said there's a lot of things people don't see. what about the preparations and the danger that go into these feats? >> exactly. every sees on the internet all this crazy stuff and all these compelling images. but there's years and years of training behind that.
7:36 am
preparatory jumps and jumps off easy mountains and skiers begin in circles and move on to the blue square, eventually the black diamond. >> you don't decide to go out one day and do this. >> right. >> nice to have you, j.h. holmes. >> thanks very much. we've heard of snakes on a plane. pythons in the everglades, however, are the ones making headlines this morning. we'll ask jack hanna about a push by the federal government to get rid of these big reptiles. you're watching "cbs this morning." living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ...could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you... ...with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra,... ...humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections,
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♪ for years the government has said there are too many pythons out there. the wildlife service is prohibiting all imports of the giant snakes. >> as we report, they are overrunning one of america's great wilderness areas. >> you have it? >> pythons like this one have become a menace in the florida
7:41 am
everglades where an estimated 10,000 live and keep reproducing. importing them will soon be illegal in the u.s. ken salazar a nouned a federal ban on four species of pythons. including the notorious burmese python. an invasive species so big, some are 26 feet long and weigh 200 pounds. they've eaten deer an alligators. >> the action that we're taking today is a milestone for us in the protection of the everglades. >> this is an albino python. >> that ban is bad news for greg grazian i who fell in love with reptiles as a child. >> this is a three-year-old male. >> in venus, florida, he owns almost 3 hundred and sells them on this website. he believes the new law has dangerous implications. >> once you make them illegal, or shut down the industry, you create a black market that can no longer be regulated. >> burmese pythons are asian but were introduced into the everglades as abandoned pets. >> this this year's.
7:42 am
>> conversationists spent years and millions of dollars to control the threat. the danger is exaggerated he says. >> people want you to believe they're sucking everything up like vacuum clean eshs. it's not true. >> this could cause him his livelihood but also help save the everglades. mark strawsman "cbs this morning," miami. jack hanna, one of america's best known experts on animals. he's in venice, florida. good morning, jack. >> good morning. >> tell me what you think of the ban and is that the right way to go in. >> well, to me, it's a state issue. yes, this is the federal government again, the everglades is a national park, one of my favorite parks by the way. it's an invasive species in that area. for example the python in africa and asia, they're natives in those countries. as far as the pythons in the everglades, it's not a natural thing. i know what the young man said as far as his idea that he
7:43 am
raises these snakes. he's probably a reputable breeder. i understand why he's upset. the problem is you can't buy these snakes, every young boy like myself in tennessee in the old days would love to have a snake. what happens to the snake after two years? what happens it gets bigger so they have to take the snake and put that snake somewhere. zoos can't cake them today. new laws we have. we can't take every snake. it become a problem. the other problem is i use a python to go from state to state to educate folks about how big they get, what a beautiful creature they are. not something for a pet. as far as educational, so many reputable breeders, this law could affect them. it's a state issue and that's my opinion. it doesn't affect the 220 americans and zoos. it doesn't affect our breeding programs. >> no federal ban. leave it up to the states because they have different circumstances and that will take care of the problem and in your mind florida will deal with its own supply -- numbers of pythons that are overwhelming the
7:44 am
everglades? >> right. florida has a tremendous game and fish commission here. for example, you won't find, i'll use family. you won't find pythons in montana, utah, idaho. even in northern florida. they may survive a little while. fla pla is a problem. along with louisiana and other states like that. that's where i'm coming from. in ohio right now, we have a big problem with what happened several months ago. we're dealing with atomic bombs being tigers, lions that kind of thing. they want to incorporate some pythons in that law. right now we're trying to work that out so we don't affect the educational programs, the reputable breeders, we don't affect those guys had they pass this new law. >> what about the existing law. the ban is unissue and how it should be regulated. whether or not there's a documented -- what is florida doing to control the population and get it under control? >> they've been trying. as you know for several years. they're trying to take them out. i've heard this.
7:45 am
having to hire outside people to come in and try and find these snakes. one thing people get alarmed because of the snake movies, the snake on the plane and snakes you think of a snake. it's not fair to the animal. these animals -- snakes are are a beautiful creature. they're not natural in the everglades. something has to be done to control the numbers. >> if florida doesn't do it, what then? >> well, florida is going to do it. i know the game and fish guys here. they're trying to do it. i think they can accomplish their goal. that's my personal opinion. they have to have support and tough rules here, i guess, that snakes cannot just come into the state and dump them in the everglades. other states don't have that problem because it's too cold. there are reputable breeders in florida that we can't put them out of business because in a logical world a -- >> jack hanna, g
7:46 am
turning to what can be a tough medical subject. what happens if your doctor makes a diagnosis but you want a second opinion? we'll help do you that and tell you why it's so important. you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:47 am
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♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. it's been a big story that newt gingrich has been promising he's going to stay positive. that's been his new promise. he's going to stay positive. but i don't know, i don't know if he's keeping that promise. check him out in last night's debate. speaker gingrich, the page calls your attacks crude and damaging caricatures of modern business and capitalism. they write that you were embarrassing yourself by taking the obama line. how do you respond to that? >> well, kill them.
7:51 am
>> the power of editing. >> we go now to gayle king. here's a look at what's coming up. what do you have for the next hour, gayle? >> i have a good one coming up, charlie. cuba gooding is here today. he's talking about his new movie red tails. he'll weigh in on some of the other issues of the day. burger king is delivering? what? wikipedia shut down for 24 hours and a new survey say the majority of women are not happy with their bodies but men say i look good. pippa middleton is fighting back. victoria arbiter is here. it's been a year since mark zuckerberg donated money to the newark schools. cory booker, if you would -- >> you look good. >> cory booker is here to tell us how the money is spent. we're talking about men's versus women's body. women complain, men think they look good. >> i used to be an athlete. right now i jiggle. it's hard for me to -- >> you're watching cbs this more
7:52 am
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7:56 am
clouds are making for a pretty picture. we have traffic after the first warning weather. >> we'll start out with doppler radar. there are snow showers coming down. not in the immediate metro area but down in carroll county. here are the temperature. it dropped to 39 in baltimore. we'll hover around that as we head through the afternoon with the gusty winds. here's christy with a check of the roads. >> plenty of congestion out there. traveling on the westside of the outer loop delay up to 25 minutes from 795. north side of the outer loop heavy from hartford road to valley road. southbound 95 no relief in sight. congestion from white marsh
7:57 am
boulevard to the beltway. you can see slowing on the westside at liberty road. this traffic report is brought by home paramount pest control. it is not being welcomed by everybody this morning. andrea has the story. >> reporter: those who oppose the bill fear it could lead to sexual assault against women. bill prohibits discrimination against transgender people in housing, at work and public places. a years ago a woman was beaten inside a mcdonald's after using a woman's restroom. it will be up for debate again next month. back to you. >> thank you very much.
7:58 am
stay with wjz. up next, a look at how the mayor of new jersey is ,,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
i didn't want to be stupid about this, but there is a physiological different between a dwarf and a midget. >> you shouldn't say midget. that's a derogatory term. >> i'm defining terms. i didn't call anyone a midget. i am asking you, is there a physiological difference between a dwarf -- or -- >> no. a dwarf. there's 300 types of dwarfism. is this on television, this show? >> it is indeed on television. we saw it last night on cbs. we're glad that you're watching us on television. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. >> i'm charlie rose with erica hill. we begin this hour with
8:01 am
politics. a brand new cbs news new york times poll shows how voters feel about president obama after three years in office. bill plant has the numbers, bill good morning. >> good morning to you charlie. the president's approval rating hasn't changed overall very much. it's been hovering in the mid to high 40s most of last year. democrats are overwhelmingly for him, republicans overwhelmingly against. among independents, which is the group he needs most next november, it's a split. here's good news for the president. 60% in our survey say that he's trying to work with republicans in congress. but more than two-thirds think the congressional republicans are not trying to work with the president. then there are huge numbers. 80 to 89% of republicans, democrats and independents who say that the two parties should compromise to get things done. now, these numbers play right into the white house strategy which you'll see next week in the state of the union message to have the president reach out
8:02 am
to congress but continue to call them out for not working with him. charlie? >> bill, thank very much. >> the president has a white house reception for the nation's mayors. one of the big names is cory booker, newark new jersey mayor. >> he's with us right now. he gotta tension after facebook founder mark zuckerberg promised him $100 million to improve his city's schools. mayor booker joins us in studio 57. hello, mayor booker. >> i cannot tell you how good it is to be here. you get some of your favorite people, friends together for a morning breakfast but really it's a show. i get to be with you every morning. >> that's exactly how we feel. we'll talk about the -- the president has trouble cracking the 50% approval rating. why do you think it's so difficult? >> because this is the most difficult time in my lifetime in the united states economy. people are really hurting and struggling and often we look to the people in power and project upon them a lot of our
8:03 am
frustrations. when the truth is, if you look at how president obama navigated this incredible storm. we haven't seen since the great depression, it's been incredible. restoring the auto industry, seeing jobs going from a steep dive to recovering. seeing the financial industry on the brink and returning it to stability and even the housing market is showing signs of coming back. so it's a very tough position to lead but if you're going to be in a game, you don't want to be in a game when you're 40 points ahead. he's a clutch player. put me in when we're behind and let me catch up. >> if he has these kinds of successes, has he failed to explain them? is there something about the way the white ous operates that they've not been able to explain what they're proud of? >> look, 20 years ago it was much easier for a president to command the attention of the country. >> it's still the bully pulpit and they have thousands of ways to reach america. >> i agree. it's so fractured. so many people coming at us in a
8:04 am
much different way. i think that's the test. now that america will focus on this election and have clear choices between two candidates. i think this is the time where you'll see him surge in popularity. >> about the way this president and this administration have done things and how they've worked with congress. we know what the strategy is going forward. we heard from bill plant. we heard from the new york times poll. has the president in some ways hurt himself by keeping things so within this inner circumstance that will we hear a lot about. >> i don't know. the congress's problems, i knew there was a problem when you heard one of the leaders in congress say from the beginning this is about the election four years from now stopping him from being re-elected. in that climate, it's very difficult to create the bipartisanship that we desperately need, in cities like mine or state. you have a caustic environment. given that, i think he's been able to create compromises that have moved us forward. we all in america, all of us, i think, are very frustrated with what's happening in d.c. we have complicated problems and washington as a whole is not
8:05 am
showing the ability to deal with them in a way that should inspire us. to that said, obama has been able to make difficult choices and move this forward. that's why i'm enthusiastic about his leadership in the future. >> one of the ways you communicate is through twitter. i personally think you twitter too much. that's another story. that's a whole another story. it seems to work effectively for you. how has it changed your role as mayor? >> the power of people is always greater than the people in power. for me to immediately get sort of crowd source all the residents in my city yesterday, somebody pointing out an abandoned home. somebody pointing out problems. >> you respond, too. >> absolutely. it's a great medium for us to -- all of us better focus on our problems and leaders to get instant feedback on what's going on. >> cory, one of the things sitting at the table, you learn about people at this table. i read about you and being newark and i read also about gayle and her special friendship
8:06 am
she's had with the first lady. you two have a special relationship? >> what is our special -- go ahead, cory. let's give him something to talk about. >> you know, gayle is probably one of the seminal forces of friendship in my life. the first time she was doing this, we were up probably too late, until midnight hanging out. >> what does that mean, hanging out? >> not hooking up, charlie. that hasn't occurred. we're really different. >> there's one prayer. i'll say this real quick. god grant me at least one friend that really knows me and is still my friend anyway. the governor of new jersey is going to be here tomorrow. many people believe that there will be a political race in new jersey in which the mayor of new york runs for governor against the incumbent governor chris christie. is that going to happen?
8:07 am
>> i don't know about tomorrow. the point now, i think the governor will echo this, is what we disagree on a lot of issues, we found areas where we agree and made progress in those areas of agreement. right now i view everybody as a potential partner for the advancement of newark. in those areas, we've been able to do good things. >> speaking of that, what about facebook? >> i've been in education meetings back-to-back. exciting things with the facebook money. next year, some dramatic changes in newark education for the benefit of our children. focusing on the kids. if we all just focus on the kids, great things will happen. education in america must transform. we've seen what's happening in our country. falling from number one in percentage of college graduates in the globe as a nation now to number eight or number nine. america what's got to regain its foothold. we'll be an economic leader, we'll be an educational leader. now we've answered the question of when gayle's best friend will stop
8:08 am
you can see flurries to the city. we'll continue to track this for you. temperature has been falling all morning long. we'll hover in the upper 30s through the afternoon. tomorrow clouds come back. snow showers tomorrow night into friday. colder friday afternoon as we head toward th you know you really do need to trust your doctor. but sometimes you should get a second opinion. it could save your life. pippa middleton has had it up to here with the paparazzi. she's telling them to back off. we'll talk about that too. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change
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8:12 am
in this morning's healthwatch, getting a second opinion. the wall street journal brought this life or death subject to our attention recently. the question is what if your doctor makes the wrong diagnosis
8:13 am
in. >> dr. holly phillips is here with important advice. good morning. most doctors will say it's okay to seek a second opinion. but it can be uncomfortable for the patient. how do i go about doing it? >> erica, you tell your doctor, i want a second opinion. again, any doctor that balks at that or has a problem with that isn't the doctor for you. we in medicine as doctors are always getting second opinions on ourselves. we call it curb siding. i have all these doctors in my role decks on speed dial who i will puck up the phone and ask them a question if i have a difficult patient or a difficult diagnosis. my friend bill, a neuroradiologist at mass general, he picks up my phone call like this. you again? he wants to be on my payroll. >> that's a good friend to have. it sounds easy to say, get a second opinion which i did recently for my daughter who needed knee surgery and told the doctor i'm getting a second opinion. we made the decision, holly, to go with somebody else and that guy was ticked.
8:14 am
it was awkward when we had to say listen we're going in another direction. once you make the decision, what's the best way to do it? it sounds good to say yeah, you want to do it, but it's awkward. he was not happy. >> most doctors, there's nothing you can do to soften that blow. you know, you need to deal with it. it's part of the business. and also, when you want to get your second opinion, your first doctor really should be your advocate. they can help you find the right person. >> he started out that way. oh, yeah. then that's just his problem. there's nothing that you as the patient need to do to apologize for that. >> doctors encourage you to -- they want you to get a second opinion. >> very much so. also, they can help you get insurance to pay for it. insurance doesn't always want to pay for a second opinion. >> that can be very important. dr. holly phillips, always nice to see you. >> great to be here. a royal relative says enough is enough. we're live in london to see what pippa middleton is threatening to do about all of the cameras
8:15 am
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♪ the world first noticed that pippa middleton at the royal wedding last april. she quickly became known as her royal hotness. >> nine months later, kate's little sister is fed up with the photographers. we have charlie outside buckingham palace. >> good morning, erica. lawyers acting on behalf of pippa middleton issued a stern warning letter yesterday to photographers and agencies telling them to back off. that their behavior constitutes harassment and they're threatening lawsuits if it continues. >> pippa middleton found herself launched into the global celebrity stratosphere in an instant at her sister's wedding
8:19 am
day with prince william. the maid of honor came close to upstaging the bride in that form fitting dress. it's been open season ever since. >> every time she goes outside her house, there's ten or 12 agencies there. it's not what she asked for. it's not what she wanted. she's really upset about it. >> after all, friends say shall she's not the one who chose to marry into the royal family. unlike katherine shall she's not afforded the ring of security or respect for privacy that comes with it. back when katherine was plain old kate, she was hounded too and called in the same lawyers to order the paparazzi to back off. now, pippa wears the crown as the most harassed middleton. at an ongoing inquiry into media ethics, the picture editor at britain's daily mail, cities inundated with offers of the latest pippa snaps. >> she goes to get coffee, goes back into her house.
8:20 am
you get 300, 400 pieces of mail a day. there's no reason to -- there's no justification for using them. >> there may not be a need but there's an appetite. if you know where to look, you can find pippa bundling up, popping out for a bite, shopping, whatever. her lawyers say she's taken it in her stride. but now she's acted out of desperation after serious stress and anxiety at the relentless pursuit. now, i spoke to one of the photographers at one of the agencies this morning. he didn't want to be identified. i said, is this going to change things? he said not really. she's on public -- she's in the public eye. she's public property and fair game. >> i was wondering that too. thank you, charlie. royals contributor victoria arbiter is here to weigh in on pippa and the paparazzi. >> good morning. >> it started with pippa's butt which i never thought was so big. i never thought she had a ginormous butt they were talking
8:21 am
about. i was reading she gets 400 shots a day. this is me going into the grocery store, this is me coming out. that gets a little annoying after a all i would think. >> so many pictures of pippa getting coffee. that's literally what it is. she gets coffee, she walks into work. she leaves work, goes home. >> she gets into her car, she starts her car, she drives away. >> it's baffling to me because she's not doing anything. she's not falling out of a nightclub. not dating a different boyfriend every five minutes. it's kind of changed how the paparazzi is working. she's not won a game show, no reality show. but i think it's her style and she's the next best thing to kate. >> do you think she wants to be a celebrity? >> no. i think in the beginning -- >> do you really think she doesn't want all of attention? >> i think in the beginning she enjoyed the attention. it was new and exciting. she has to strike a balance. later this year she has a book coming out. she'll need the press. she has to be careful.
8:22 am
because you need to avoid a backlash. >> charlie says the photographer he spoke to says she's public property. property when you're a human being. what legal recourse does she have. she sent out this letter from the firm that her sister and the prince use. >> this is a warning right now. she's hoping not to have to call an injunction. then they will be responsible for paying her damages. i hope it doesn't come to that. but it's quite possible it will. >> would the royal family, would clarence house, would anybody step in on her behalf beyond saying talk to my attorneys? >> highly unlikely. she's not a member of the royal family. they want to be careful. the minute they defend her on this. suddenly, they're responsible for looking out for pippa. >> you touched on something interesting. she doesn't want to be a celebrity. but she's writing a book. what's her book about? >> she has a party book coming out. how to plan the perfect party, host the perfect party.
8:23 am
we have that to look forward to. >> we will look to that victoria, nice to see you thanks. victoria, nice to see you thanks. just ahead,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm.
8:25 am
it the 25 minutes past 8:00. it is windchilly out there. it does look nice but it feels different out there. we have snow showers not that far away. they're coming down on the gusty winds and may see some flurries. temperatures have been falling all morning long and this is where we are going to spend most of the afternoon in the upper 30s and here are the winds. gusting over 30 miles per hour. now let's check on the roads. plenty of traffic out there. southbound 95 you see some congestion from white marsh
8:26 am
boulevard. we're up to 25-minute delay on the west side outer loop and another 25 minutes southbound jfx to cold spring lane. looking live, we have some congestion on the left side of the screen at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by the progressive insurance boat show. in the news, some resistance in baltimore county. we have more. >> reporter: those who oppose the bill fear it could lead to more sexual assaults especially against women. it would prohibit d iscrimination, a woman was beaten after using a woman's
8:27 am
restroom. bill opponents are afraid believing they could disguise themselves to enter other restrooms. thank you. the governor will release the budget for the next fiscal year. a move that would save the state 1/4 of a billion dollars a year. police return to the scene of a murder in harford county this time for a robbery. a new investigation inside the home where a boy is accused of killing his father. someone has ransacked the house twice. detectives say he confessed to murdering his father. extreme sports could be returning to ocean city. organizers want to come back in mid-august. it was held last july. more than 73,000 fans attended.
8:28 am
stay with wjz. up next, cuba ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ colored men in a white man's army. it's a miracle you're flying fighters in italy and not mopping la treens in milwaukee. any of you feel otherwise, any of you want to wash yourselves out, please do so. >> that is cuba gooding, jr.
8:31 am
in the new movie. it should be on the must-see list about the legendary tuskegee airmen. it opens on friday. as we welcome you back, the oscar winner, i like saying that, is with us with a look at what else is going on in the news today too. this morning, wikipedia is on strike. turns out you can have a whopper delivered. jay-z is giving up the b word. as gayle mentioned, cuba gooding jr. is here. >> good morning. >> charlie! >> cuba, that was great. we have to say, audience when cuba walked in, he said charlie rose, i remember when you said my name on tv because charlie rose said it. >> we're so delighted you're here. i wonder how many people walk up to you and say show me the money and does it ever get old? >> no, it doesn't. [ laughter ] >> i was reading about you that when you won the oscar and you had your acceptance speech that was so passionate, that you were actually embarrassed about it. you didn't want to talk about it for years. i thought it was so enthusiastic
8:32 am
and so raw and real. i was surprised to hear that you were embarrassed by that. >> it wasn't something i really planned out. >> of course not. that's what made it so great. >> it was like a car accident. i didn't remember exactly what happened. let's cut to the tape. then you see it, you go oh, yeah, no i lost -- >> we want to talk about the other news. wikipedia is getting a lot of attention. not just wikipedia but a bunch of website that will shut down in protest of the piracy efforts and things that are potentially happening in washington right now. a lot of this deals with entertainment and content and video content specifically. policing them. i mean, what kind of regulation do you think, especially as an entertainer, as an artist, needs to be out there? >> it's a fine line. it absolutely is a fine line. there's argument for the fact that even music has radio and they play songs over the radio. when you have these people downloading these copies, the
8:33 am
biggest frustration as a filmmaker is the quality is so horrible. they're watching images for the first time and not seeing them in the proper format. that's where the frustrations lie. but to contine that through the wikiped wikipedia, i go on that two, three times a day. so if they're restricted in some way, that would be kind of disastrous. >> it's not always totally accurate. i went on once and said i was married to a man named brian. everybody knows i was married to tyrone. was married to brian. today it says best guess, three children? how many do you have? >> i actually do have three. >> best guess, three children. >> best guess. i see. yeah. there's also the message boards where anybody can say anything about you. laced with racism. >> no accountability. >> it's frustrating. i'm sure there's -- if there's some kind of regulation, there would have to be somebody better than me. >> burger king is thinking about
8:34 am
delivering cuba gooding. how do we feel about that? >> i keep my body hard. i keep it strong. i don't put anything in it. >> you want your fast food faster. burger king is thinking about delivering? good idea? >> well, you know, if people -- i don't know. it's hard topic to say. i don't eat a lot of burger king. >> yes what? >> i would. >> we live in new york city. literally, you can get anything delivered. i think they're not delivering fountain drinks, milkshakes or breakfast foods. >> just burgers. >> just burgers. >> just burgers and fries. >> and red tails. >> first working with you as lucas. great director? >> great director. funny, first day i saw him on the set and casual conversation and noticed everybody was like they stopped what they were doing to hear what he had to say. he's got such a presence about him. he's all inclusive in his
8:35 am
vision. we wrapped this movie in 2009 and spent the last couple of years painting it and doing the special effects on it. >> he's passionate about it. he's coming here friday for a long conversation with me about it. >> great. >> his message is and he feels strongly about this, that this will be an inspiration, especially to young african-americans to say you have heroes across the spectrum. you have sport, entertainment, politics and also in other areas that are less public. >> charlie, when i first did the tuskegee airmen movie for hbo, i didn't know who they were. i was 25 years old coming out of my education. >> you had never heard of them? >> never heard of them. there wasn't a curriculum about black fighter pilots and the war efforts of world war ii. i think it's real important for kids today to know that you can get an education and still be cool and hip. >> yeah. >> that it's cool to be smart. i also heard that on the set, you guys had a tuskegee airman on the set. >> we did.
8:36 am
he passed away. dr. roscoe brown. just as spry as ever. they're in their 90s you know. >> how many are left? >> there were better than 3,000 and less than 70 now. every day. >> what's one of the most important things you learned from those men? because they were there for obviously for a certain historical purpose. your conversations i'm sure went far beyond that. >> you know, every lesson you can think as a man to appreciate you learn from them. their endurance. they arguably kick off the civil rights movement. they were at a time when the military was segregated. they just wouldn't take no for an answer. and they were selfless and would rather die in the skies in a plane than to come back and deal with racism. there was a documentary put together and there was this segment in it where after they did all of these fantastic things during the war, they come
8:37 am
home and they file off the ship and there's whites to the left, blacks only to the right and it's like, you know what a statement that was. >> what's your next movie? >> i did this thing called fire lights. darnell martin directed it. it's a true story of a program in a women's prison where these inmates are released to help out with natural disasters and fight fires and stuff. changes their lives. >> great to see you. >> good to see you charlie. there's something new about divorce these days. women are coming out of it with here's a friendly reminder.
8:38 am
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for only $84.99 a month. call now or visit only $84.99 for high-speed internet and phone. plus your choice of either no annual contract or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 ♪ i want to thank you for coming so much. you're an angel. >> of course. >> thank you so much again. >> ladies need to be strong and
8:40 am
independent and remember. >> what? >> don't get -- get everything. >> i remember that movie. some vintage advice there from the first wives club. ivana trump. conventional wisdom says women are big financial losers when they get divorced. >> a new survey finds that today women are bouncing back better than men financially. financial contributor carmen you will rick is here with us. how is it happening? >> there's good news about divorce, right? what about women an the gains that we're making. the wage gap is closing between men and women and the goodbye-product of that had it comes to a divorce, we're doing better in many ways than men. >> why? why is that? >> here's the thing. we are getting more education, right. so we have bigger jobs with getting more pay. the numbers here, 20% of women are going to see gains of more than 25% in income after a
8:41 am
divorce. that's double what it was 20 years ago. men only 16%. we're actually faring better when it comes to doing better. when it comes to people doing worse, it's actually we are the same. we are on par with men as to how many -- about half of us do worse financially after divorce. this says a lot. because 20, 30 years ago this absolutely was not the case. >> i always say to young women that when you get married, you always think it's going to last forever. but as a member of a divorce club, we're a very big group. i always think you should have a way to support yourself, whatever that is. always figure out a way to support yourself. you never know. do pre-nups play a role? is that why snoo. >> not really. here's the big trend. there's a survey out this year of lawyers. half of lawyers are saying more and more women are looking for pre-nups. we're waiting to get married, having careers and assets. whereas in the past we didn't. we got married young before we had careers. >> we want pre-nups to protect
8:42 am
what we have. >> not -- >> speak into the microphone. >> we are protecting our assets, our education, our investment in ourselves and like you mentioned in terms of earning money and knowing where the money is. i can't tell you how many women i hear from that say, i have no idea. >> not a clue. >> where the assets are. where are the stocks? what monday doi we have? what debts do you owe? you have to do it for yourself and your family. >> to that point, what should really women and men be doing right now to make sure that they have all their ducks in a row and to avoid being essentially wiped out if they go through a divorce in. >> erica, we want men protected too. >> we do. >> we want everyone -- not all bad. >> they're not. >> okay. we'll talk about that later. >> we want everybody to be in a good spot and to do that especially specifically for women. for example, women are more likely to take time off to take care of children and anyoning paren -- and aging parents. even if you're in happy
8:43 am
marriage, this helps your marriage. >> you should have your own credit card. if you're a stay at home parent, you should establish credit. >> there's the danger. with the new card act, if you don't earn income, a lot of stay at home parents can't get a card. you do need a card in your name. it's community property in ten states. if you have a spouse that goes crazy, you may be responsible for it. it's vital you pay attention to what your spouse is doing even if you're in a happy marriage. you don't know what you'll be liable for afterwards. >> i like the idea of pre-planning. i like it. i think we all -- we get so excited about the wedding day and then things don't go according to plan. do you think the pictures really -- could we say good news for women that it's a rosie picture for women today? are you thinking yeah, but there's a caveat. >> there is a caveat. we know that the actual fact that you are married or in a domestic partnership, it's like a financial inoculation.
8:44 am
>> ouch. >> it really is. the two biggest predictors of bankruptcy in this country are you're single and you have children. the thing is, if you are in a couple, you are twice as less likely to not be able to recover from a financial setback. if you're a single, the odds are against you. marriage does help protect you in some ways. but you, of course, have to protect yourself. >> got it. good advice. >> good advice as always, carla. thanks. may be chilly where you are. liam neeson, here's what it's like to film on location when it's 30 below zero. not just for one day. he's here to explain why his favorite movie roles are an action thrillers. i think this was more of an [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh.
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8:46 am
you're a big action star now. which is a difference i would say than your normal stuff. >> i had success with this film three years ago.
8:47 am
we're shooting the second one. >> taken again? you get taken. someone is taken. you can't say. maybe not. who knows? it's a cliffhanger. you're not -- something might not -- maybe something is given. >> it is the action thriller the grey liam neeson struggles to survive after a fiery plane crash leaves him stranded with a group of men in the alaska willeder mess. >> what are you doing? >> i said we need a fire. it's 10 below and dropping. so we don't die. we build up a fire and we find food and at daybreak, we figure out what way is south and we start walking. nobody is going to find us, not here. unless you want to freeze to death. that's the one thing that will come for you. >> it's a pleasure to welcome liam neeson to studio 57. thanks for being here. >> how are you?
8:48 am
>> good charlie. >> what's the secret to being an action star? >> i don't know -- it's crazy. i'm 60 this year. >> 60. how old do you feel, liam? you look fantastic. how old do you feel? at the moment, i feel 65. >> before the press, how did you feel? >> i feel pretty good. >> you look really good. >> as long as my knees hold up, i'll keep doing this stuff. >> this is -- it's billed as an action movie. in watching it, it was an emotional roller coaster. it's physically and emotionally grueling as a character. what drew you to it? what made you want to be outside and go in 30-degree weather to shoot this? >> it's something primal and pure about it that -- i mean, there's so many movies nowadays that the plot is driven by somebody at a keyboard or on a cell phone or something. that was just man versus man, man versus his inner self. man versus nature.
8:49 am
it's cleansing. >> and defying death. >> man defying death. the big questions of life and death do come up. >> even the line on the movie, it says live or die on this day. i tell you, the whole time i was watching it, liam, number one i got up and turned up the heat when i was watching. >> were you getting cold? >> charlie, did you know it's freezing by the time the movie was over, i was totally cranked up. i was so fascinated by the journey that your character took and everybody had to take during the movie. it really is a great movie, i think, in storytelling. i read that during the filming or before the filming that you all shared personal experiences with each other. i am wondering was that painful or was that helpful to you or was it both? >> it is very cathartic for all of us. we're portraying man who have trouble digging into their own feelings, let alone sharing them with each other. >> yes. >> we rehearsed for like three or four days in vancouver before
8:50 am
going out into the wilderness. we just all laid our cards on the table and said, let's leave our ego in the hotel in the morning and be there to support each other and dig deep into this. and we did. we became very, very close. >> are you in a good place now in terms of how the acting has one and how you feel about things? >> i think so, charlie. there's still -- still on the bill. >> keep coming back and back there's another taken coming in. >> just making it at the moment. just come back from istanbul where i'm heading to paris tonight. >> what a tough life. istanbul, paris. stop by ireland perhaps. >> new york. >> like charlie rose's travels. >> i saw a great picture recently in the paper of you and your son. the picture was so great. you were all smiling enjoying the game. >> sure. >> i'm thinking when it comes to
8:51 am
your sons, they must have acting in their dna. would you encourage them to do it? >> no. i would not. >> why not? >> because for any success i've had, there's 75% of actors out of work all the time and being rejected all the time. you're not rejected because your education wasn't good enough. you're rejected because of this. >> do you think that talent outs or does luck and timing out? >> i think talent and timing. >> the right place at the right time with the right stuff? >> and creating your own luck, too. >> that's interesting what you said about rejection. because it's hard not to take it personally if you're thinking i know i'm good, i know i can do this part. but yet, for whatever reason, you don't get whatever the role is and it really doesn't necessarily have to be a reflection on your own talents or skills. but you have to acknowledge that on an intellectual level. >> yeah. especially if you're lucky
8:52 am
enough to get three auditions a week and you've been rejected for the first two and you're going in for a third for a different part, you still have to get your mojo up. >> can you imagine doing anything else in your life? >> i think i would krucurl up a die. >> if you couldn't act, you would curl up and die? >> yeah. >> any other irish heroes? >> i might play oscar wilde again. like to do that. >> thank you very much. great to see you again. >> thanks. >> the grey opens in theaters next friday. that does it for here. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs that does it for here. we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." -- captions by vitac --
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8:55 am
c1 pretty scenes to the east, you may not like what is going on to the west. >> it is a different story. on that side, what is going on and there are snow showers and they have gotten down into westminister. we're going to see some hold together as they move through the city. as far as temperatures go, the gusty winds are bringing in the cold air. we have been in the 40s and falling ever since. as far as the winds go, 15-20 miles per hour with gusts even higher. windy and colder as we know and
8:56 am
through the evening, we're going down into the 20s. thank you. this morning, the bill that seeks to put a discrimination against transgender. >> the bill prohibits discrimination at house, works and public places. the issue of transgender came into focus when chrisy was beaten inside a rosedale's mcdonald's after using a woman's restroom. they fear others could disguise themselves to enter restrooms. police are searching for who is responsible for a huge case of animal abuse in a small house. 40 pets were found inside the
8:57 am
town home. all but four were dead. they were not left food or water and the power was shut off. they were involved in a rescue group but hadn't been seen in the house in weeks. someone breaks into a car and arrested a man before they could take anything from it. the french utility, edf supports an 8 billion-dollar deal saying they're confidence they can operate independently after. a baltimore tradition could come to an end. a mysterious man has left roses at the grave. the tradition has been a
8:58 am
mystery since it began in 1949. happens late at night when it does happen. stay with wjz 13, complete news and first morning weather at noon. updates available at any time from anywhere ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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